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I highly recommend Cindi Jacobs for any organizing project! Cindi asked for the project goals and what changes I wanted to make and she created a scope of work and a detailed action plan to accomplish it. In a relatively short amount of time the space was decluttered and organized. All project goals were achieved and the space was transformed; it's more functional and attractive. Cindi is an absolute pleasure to work with and I appreciate her can-do attitude. She exceeded my expectations in every regard. I highly recommend Cindi!

Leah, Wayland

Cindi is awesome. I have worked with her several times and each time she came to my home, she had a game plan and we stuck to it! Cindi makes sure to ask questions and comes prepared with ideas and options to help declutter even the worst spaces. At the end of our sessions, she recaps the goals we set at the beginning to ensure we fully succeeded in accomplishing what we wanted to do. I feel so good, like a weight is lifted off my shoulders. I will definitely use her services again in the fall.

Paula, Framingham

I can't thank Cindi enough for the beautiful work she did choosing and filling planters and my yard with beautiful colorful flowers. She has a keen eye for details that make a difference. Not only is her work terrific, she is also a pleasure to work with. She showed up and delivered what she promised in a timely manner. She was flexible. No issues. No problems. I would highly recommend her for your projects.

Leslie, Wellesley

I cannot recommend Simply Done, and owner Cynthia Jacobs, enough. She has helped me accomplish what I could not have done alone, in the most energetic, professional and friendly way. Since moving into my new home last Feb., I had ignored the large third floor space. I recently realized that I do in fact, need an in-home workspace, so after spending an afternoon in the space by myself, overwhelmed and stymied about where to begin this enormous task, I opened my laptop and started looking for help. Simply Done was one of the first places I came across, and I liked Cindi's statement from the start. I phoned, set and appointment, and hoped for the best. When I met her I knew that my instinct had been correct - we were going to work well together. While she is unquestionably professional, Cindi is very friendly and comfortable to be with. And she works HARD. She assessed my space in a flash, and knew instantly what would work, how to organize the areas for both tasks and relaxation, and how to give it an esthetic edge that makes being in the space a pleasure. We worked together under her lead to unpack neglected moving boxes, purge unneeded and no longer wanted items, and arrange and organize what I wanted to keep. We put it all together in two days, and now I have the studio of my dreams. Do not hesitate to call Simply Done if you have a spot in or around your home that needs attention. Cindi can help, and she will make what might seem like a difficult slog of a task into a fun, interesting project. Go for it! Cindi will not only hold your hand, she'll make it fun (and pretty).

Sharon, Waltham


Cindi clarified my priorities, came up with pitch-perfect solutions and saved me a lot of money. Her ability to translate my vision into reality has made me even prouder of my home than ever!!

Carla, Southborough

Thanks so much for helping me create, weed and organize.  I loved having the companionship for this--making something out of what I already have is so satisfying and totally my preferred way of living.

Sylvia, Wayland


I've been "Cindi-Simply-Done'ing" my life for the past month!

I absolutely love how everything now has its one "place", how easy it is to find or do EVERYTHING and how much calmer and happier I feel in my own home! ...and my kids love it, too!


Thanks Cindi! I couldn't have done it without you getting me started and laying the groundwork. It has truly changed my life!!!

Lisa, Wayland


Cindi helped us with a large landscaping project as well as a couple of smaller outdoor projects. The space was large and overwhelming but Cindi made the entire process so easy by breaking it down into smaller steps. Everything was completed in just a couple of weeks and we are thrilled with the result. She is incredibly fast and organized with great ideas and we definitely plan on working with her in the future. 

Val E.

 When our home based business started taking off, I realized how unorganized we were, Cindi watched how the paperwork went through the office and helped us set a flow that is with out a doubt efficient and effective. It makes my time in the office much more efficient when I don’t have to chase all my paperwork and I know where everything is. Thank you so much!


After having my last child, I realized that my closet was holding so many sizes. I was frustrated every time I went in there and became overwhelmed by it. Cindi made it fun, and a much quicker process than I could have every imaged. Thanks to her, I love going in my closet now, and what used to take me 20 minutes every morning now takes 2!

When we rebuilt our kitchen, we went from 5 cabinets and 4 draws, to 17 cabinets and 8 draws I was clueless on where to put anything. Cindy showed me how I could make different stations in the kitchen and set it up with foresight that I enjoy cooking even more now.


Simply Done is the only way to organize all your stuff.  My home office, my kitchen, my kids’ playroom and even my closet has been transformed to its full potential. Cindi takes a direct approach and takes the anxiety out of organizing for me. I get too overwhelmed with the project and she walks me through it step by step. My life is so much easier now that everything has it place. Thank you again for all your hard work,

Wendi Hall, Sudbury


“If it hadn’t been for Simply Done, I NEVER would have finished my two bathroom projects.  Cindi helped me make the most of the space I had and kept the project moving forward in spite of my busy schedule.  Both bathrooms came out great -- with just the look and function I was looking for – and on budget.  Simply Done is a terrific resource for any room design and organization project.”

Sue, Wayland, Mass.


Simply Done cleaned out my unfinished basement storage area. 

Member Comments: 

My huge unfinished basement area was the dumping ground for all unused or unwanted goods for my entire family for 10 years. Cindi came in, evaluated the job, came up w a plan and an estimate. We set a date, and she came prepared to get it done!!! She brought enough containers to organize all that we wanted to keep, set up stations for organizing all the items, and in 2 days Cindi  had cleaned, organized and even made runs to the transfer station. She was extremely professional, efficient, strong and personable. I would highly recommend her services

Gail, Winchester


 Made beautiful outside planters

Got my house organized inside and out for a wedding brunch

Potted little and big plants w/ decorative vases throughout house

Cushioned, ribboned and bedazzled ordinary objects to make extraordinary home pieces

Put twinkly lights into plants:)

Cleaned, dusted trimmed, fluffed , twisted , schlepped etc all for the sake of a stress free day for me!


Cindy took my ideas and transformed , created and implemented some really unique landscaping designs. She worked closely w/ my landscaper to direct, pick out and create different spaces for outside decor. Cindy takes what you have in your home, in your mind and within your budget to dress up the ordinary. She transformed our ugly fire pit into a beautiful planter.

Michelle, Wayland

I had the pleasure of hiring Cindy to tackle some unfinished plantings in my backyard.  She arrived with lots of ideas and plans.  She had great ideas and was very knowledgeable of proper new england plantings  She purchased the necessary items for the job and did the installation.  She has a great sense of color, pairings and composition.   I love the end result.  My yard looks incredible, thanks to Cindy.

Nancy, Sudbury


SimplyDone did all of my outside landscaping, from transferring plants/shrubs, planting new perennials and all my flower buckets around my 1 acre + property.

I have been using SimplyDone for a few years for both interior decorating projects and exterior projects. The Founder is truly talented, creative, artistic, thoughtful and smart! She is brilliant at thinking outside the box which is one of her distinguishing qualities. I appreciate her ongoing sensitivity to my budget along with my needs. SimplyDone is simply outstanding!

Robin, Wayland

I'm a contractor and have recently used Cindi Jacobs at Simply Done to efficiently, tastefully and inexpensively transform my home. She is a real pro that quickly helped source, organize and work collaboratively to get excellent results. Highly recommend Cindi!

Peter, Wayland

"Simply Done is a terrific resource for any room design and organization project.”

Sue, Wayland, MA

"Simply Done is the only way to organize all your stuff.  Cindi takes a direct approach and takes the anxiety out of organizing for me.  My life is so much easier now that everything has it place. Thank you again for all your hard work."​

Wendi, Sudbury​

I wanted to thank you for all your help in organizing our office! We have so much coming and going in our office every day, our space was always chaos. I have wanted to “get organized” for quite some time but it was too overwhelming. It was great for me to be able to tell you what our space is used for and then have you be able to figure out how to make order out of the chaos. I love it!

 With Much Appreciation,

Beth Cooper

Executive Director

Family Promise Metrowest

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