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Gardening Gallery

Container gardening
Shade Garden with Seating
Garden Maintenance ideas
after garden is cleaned up
Business Entrance Garden Makeover
Garden Maintenance idea
Preparing your garden
front to back shape it is better using tall
Summer landscape
water features are beautiful
Garden Maintenance ideas
Fall Garden clean up
Landscaped Front Entrance
designing with annuals
Cape style Landscaped Front Entrance
large shrubs serve for great privacy
Landscaped back yard bed
Summer color garden
Poolside landscape
Simply Done Spring time gardens
creative spring planter
Window boxes are fun to mix it up. Another favorite of mine! 💕Transformation Begins Here! 617.962
Spring Container garden
fall window box
Backyard landscape refresh
window box
_Clean out the junk & the rest will shine beautifully
Love this client's shed windows & window boxes - so fun to design with lots of color & texture
easy herb raised garden bed
Fall front entry with flowers
spring container gardening
Spring Pansy Container
stunning front entry landscape
Welcoming Walkway!
Take in the glorious colors end of summer brings! If you want these for next year, plant now!  Need
perennial bed
winter green planter
Colorful winter planters
Perennial plantings, splitting, & relocating made a huge impact on this clients landscape.
spacing them out, the walkway design flows better
46 perennials & 4 shrubs turned this patio into a beautiful backyard hang out! #simplydone #planting
A few highlights from yesterday's project
❤️ using greens in Window box designs..
Prune with care & not a hedge trimmer to achieve a nicer look
Holiday planters
Fall window boxes are in! Seemed fitting to play _Take me home tonight_ -the window boxes silly..
different times of day... removed a large shrub to open up space, lots of pruning,new materi
Landscape Design with Simply Done
Resurrecting gardens #landscaping design #flowers #gardening
Post office containers ✅ beautification by Cindi & Linda Wayland garden club
Sometimes it is just that simple that makes all the difference..
Resurrected an old garden bed by widening it, creating a curve to connect with front & planting new
winter gardening container design
Spring Container Gardening
flower boxes for your Shed
beautiful winter containers
flower decor for front entrance
Simply beautiful fall containers! #InspireUsWithFall #SimplyDone #containergardening -- had to do a
Gorgeous planters with pinks
Photo shoot for client tomorrow..
SIMPLYDONE creates a stunning display of gorgeous color right outside your door. #welcomehome #conta
Happy Fall! 🍁🍂🌻#fallinspired #mums #SIMPLYDONE 617.962
Love seeing growth & success of work completed a couple years ago & return to make minor adjustments
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